Custom-Built Computers

We understand that everyone's unique and deserves a computer that is fit to them, not the other way around. That's why we custom build computers and storage systems that work how they're suppose to with everything that need and nothing they don't. Browse and order systems here, or come on in and meet with us to get the perfect computer for you.

Desktops Desktops provide the best scalability, performance and longevity. Configure these computers based on power, price or features.

Laptops From netbooks to powerful laptops, these systems can be configured to suit the needs of people who need their computer on the go.

Servers Whether you're creating a small-scale network in your home or you need a more advanced setup, these servers are a great solution to store and connect you and other to your important files.

Storage These high-performance solutions give you managed, centralized storage options for storing and backing-up your data.

SFCs Small Form Factor computers give you great computing power with a small footprint. Customize these computers for use in placed where you need a computer, but don't need all the processing power of a desktop.