Comprehensive IT Support

Build a reliable IT infrastructure at a fraction of the cost

Reduce IT Costs We've been around for close to twenty years not just because we're able to solve every IT-related problem, but because we're able to recommend and implement cost-saving techniques for businesses.

Increase Profits A poor network doesn't just create headaches, it takes a toll on productivity and profits. Keeping your system maintained is the easiest way to make sure your company is making as much money as possible.

Immediate Response In the event that something happens where you need support, make sure you have a trusted IT company ready to solve problems as quickly as they happen.

Small and mid-sized businesses may not have the resources or needs to require a full time IT employee or staff. We specialize in giving these companies the support, reliability and guidance needed to keep their hardware and systems running smoothly. This helps your business predict the rate of IT expenses and maximizes your infrastructure's potential. This also increases the reliability of your network and guarantees any needed support.

Corporate IT Support Includes

  • Immediate service attention 24-hour Mon-Fri (and emergency support on weekends)
  • Remote support and free pickup and delivery of equipment
  • Network configuration and optimization
  • Quarterly technology assessment to improve business processes and reduce costs
  • Maintain all computers including PCs, servers and routers (including updates, upgrades and repairs)
  • Locks in your hourly rate
  • Any needed voice or data cabling
  • Internal network maintenance of patch panels, hubs, switches and routers
  • Monthly system and network monitoring and updating
  • Full security monitoring (software and hardware implementations)