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project process

Project Process

L-Tech has established a thorough and systematic approach for the completion of its client’s projects and services. This process is organized into four main categories: assessment and design; management; installation and implementation; follow-up, review and support.

In addition, L-Tech utilizes a proprietary web-based project management tool that provides our customers the ability to get real-time updates and information on their project. Among other critical operational processes, this application gives our customers the ability to view the complete project schedule, make requests, propose changes, view milestones and associated tasks, initiate change orders, ask questions and receive accurate and complete information regarding the status of their project.

The Plan

Assessment & Design Analyze current situation
Create improvement opportunities & needs assessment
Create solution description with associated costs
Get proposal acceptance with finalized design

Project Management Provide single customer point of contact
Develop & execute comprehensive project plan
Procure equipment and supplies
Give frequent status and schedule updates
Communicate & execute any change orders
Act as general contractor for third party vendors

Installation & Implementation Remove any existing obsolete equipment
Install of necessary infrastructure
Install equipment and software
Configure and integrate all hardware and software

Follow-Up, Review & Documentation Complete system testing
Document and map complete setup
Train end-users
Administer training
Implement system support
Final acceptance
Quality review

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“When we moved our store to a new location, L-Tech handled all of our technology with professionalism, forethought and initiative. When AT&T came in later, they were perplexed at how difficult it was going to be to run cables through the ceiling. David pointed out that he had foreseen this problem and had already ran extra lines to accommodate future needs. This initiative saved us a lot of money and time.”
Andy Kurkilis
Chicago Fly Fishing