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Brains of the Operation

At L-Tech we understand that the quality of service we provide is directly dependent on the people providing the service. It is with that understanding that L-Tech has built a staff of highly qualified and skilled individuals, both in both our management and technical teams. In our addition to their technical expertise, all of our employees understand the most important but often over looked rule in service: to treat our clients as we would like to be treated. It is been by applying this basic concept that in 18 years of business we have yet to have a single client leave due to dissatisfaction with our service.

"L-Tech has always provided excellent service and professionalism. They have been our primary IT service provider for over 15 years, handling all of our computers, servers and networks. They have even represented us in resolving technical issues with other vendors. They are highly professional and trustworthy. We have come to rely on them for all of our IT related needs and think of them as part of our Days Inn Family."
Stefanie Hjersa
Days Inn Chicago